Project Top 10 TITANS of the Sword & Shield NU! [Voting Round 10]

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A side must always be chosen
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(:arctovish: :arctozolt: :beartic: :sandslash-alola: :sandshrew-alola: :vanilluxe: :aurorus: :abomasnow: and Aurora Veil)

Hail places #9 for Gen 8 Neverused's most influential titan. Now we will be voting for Gen 8 NU's 10th (and last) most influential titan over the course of the generation. You may choose from any one of the options listed below and will have 72 hours to vote like last time. Any votes that contain Pokemon that aren't in the list below will be omitted from the tally.

:blastoise: :rotom-mow: :cofagrigus: :vaporeon: :sandaconda: :talonflame: :xatu: :cresselia: :machamp: :slowbro-galar:

My vote goes to Cofagrigus
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